Radiation Deficiency & Faraday Cages

by | May 31, 2020 | Shielding | 1 comment

After speaking to a few people yesterday about Faraday cages and painting out rooms or homes to reduce high microwave radiation levels, I pulled up some of Steven Magee’s old videos so I could forward them to colleagues asking about shielding solutions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owu33UOaPPc

In Steven’s video, linked above, he mentions radiation deficiency which is an interesting terminology that could help to explain why some people feel sick after having their house or room shielded. Sure it would feel great for the first few weeks or months sleeping out of harms way of the microwaves but cutting ourselves off to the natural background levels of radiation would mean quite a change in the accumulative dose of naturally occurring electric fields. To make matters worse, most shielding solutions are grounded to the house electrical ground, which anyone with a Mito Meter knows is quite toxic in terms of what is riding on most grounded cabling and grounded infrastructure.

People in the business of selling shielding solutions for homes will conduct an RF body voltage test on site to let you listen to how much RF is riding on your body in its raw form and it is quite confronting for some residential occupants. After the shielding solution is applied you can clearly hear the difference when repeating the RF body voltage test. Not only do you get a drop in your body voltage, listening to the silence of no roaring aggressively sounding modulated microwaves riding on your body after the completion of your expensive mitigation procedure is highly rewarding. Your sleep will improve, energy levels increase, and other random health issues will dissipate. However, as you slowly become radiation deficient, your body electric-dynamics will shift and become attuned to a non-native and foreign state that it was never designed to endure long term. Similar issues arise when practising bad grounding methods, like plugging your grounding sheet into the mains ground via an electrical wall power socket.

What these shielding professionals will not do, is when they take a low-frequency measurement of the electric fields riding on their client’s body, before and after shielding, they will only use body voltage meters without sound, as if they did, most people would demand their money back. If they used a low frequency body voltage meter like the Esmog Spion, with auditable raw native sound, you will hear the A/C electrical noise coming off all four corners of your room as the shielding is plugged directly into your electrical system. So what you are essentially doing is shifting a problem, fixing one and replacing it with another.

My advice is if you can’t effectively shield your house externally by building an outdoor RF divider between the signal and house or by partly shielding a home, then you are better off moving, as building yourself into an electrified faraday cage is by no means a long term solution.