New Firmware 1.1.075

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Firmware, Q&A, RF Measurement Guide | 0 comments

All new black edition Mito Meters will be delivered with the 1.1.075 firmware. (April 2020 on) This upgrade greatly improves performance on RF-X MODE and mildly increases sensitivity in RF and LFE Modes on the previous White Mito Meter versions. The main new feature is the RF-X Sound MODE which helps with the identification of signal types coming off devices or nearby sources.

When running RF-X MODE, you can then activate the RF-X Sound MODE to listen to how aggressive signals are and identity nearby sources. You will hear the ticking of Wi-Fi, the chaos of a Bluetooth signal, or the sharp spike from a smart meter, and even surprise sounds from devices that were supposedly in flight mode.

To activate RF-X Sound MODE it requires two steps:

1. Select RF MODE, then change the MODE switch quickly to LFE and back to RF, TWICE. At this point, two red LEDs will blink twice indicating the meter is in RF-X MODE. (More on RF-X Mode later)

2. Now move the MODE switch (which should be on RF) to LFM and back to RF quickly. Now you should hear the digital signatures from wireless devices around you.

If you have one of the earlier Black Edition Mito Meters running on version 1.1.070 or the older White Mito Meter, which runs on version 1.1.068, you can contact for further instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version. You will need a Windows PC/Laptop. Alternatively, you can send the meter to a Mito support warrior.