LFM-X Mode

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Why screen your background dynamic magnetic fields from the powergrid to see if they exceed biologically recommended loads during peak demand times? Well, unlike RF, microwaves and electric fields, these alternating dynamic magnetic fields can not be mitigated and therefore essential to monitor before committing yourself to a property near power lines or power infrastructure.

Monitoring the power grid’s dynamic background magnetic fields is a necessary procedure in the EMF assessment process. Most professionals will leave a low-frequency meter overnight to log an event in a full audit situation. This is costly, upwards of $500 for the service.

In a world first, the LFM-X Mode on the Mito Meter allows you to simply and accurately monitor your PowerGrid activity over a twelve-hour duration. No PC is required, the entire process happens onboard the meter. Activate LFM-X Mode in the bedroom or the place of interest you want to test and check the results twelve hours later.

LFM-X Mode Instructions

To activate LFM-X Mode, follow these steps and make sure you have a fully charged battery before logging the twelve-hour event. (Only takes one hour to charge the battery)

1/ Turn on the meter and select RF.

2/ Quickly move the MODE switch down to LFE Mode and back to RF Mode twice, within two seconds.

(RF>LFE>RF>LFE>RF) Two lights will start to blink, one orange, one red. 

3/ Then move the Mode switch down one click to LFM Mode. (RF>LFM) Now you will see the LED lights sweeping left to right giving you time to position the meter in an upright position before the logging event starts. 

After 20 seconds the meter starts logging the event. Two lights will blink every few seconds indicating the session is running.

After activating the LFM-X Mode the meter cannot be moved, bumped or touched for twelve hours, as the magnetic sensors are sensitive to the slightest touch. 

Twelve hours later the average and highest recorded A/C 50/60Hz RMS magnetic field values from the power grid will be displayed. If no lights are displayed, no values were recorded. This would mean no magnetic fields were detected above 0.2 milliGauss/20nT which is Building Biology’s recommended sleeping area limit. 

Placement & Position

The meter must be mounted at 90 degrees in an upright position at least two meters away from electronics, appliances, or electrical cables. The meter must be perfectly square/upright as pictured above for the most accurate result.

Recommended Limit Guidelines

Ideally, you do not want to live or work in anything over 2mG/200nT, which is nothing over five lights on the Mito Meters. Pregnant mothers and children should not be exposed to long-term exposures of more than 1mG/100nT. Sleeping areas should be kept below 0.2mG/20nT. Non-industry EMF-regulated guidelines can be viewed on the following sites;

https://www.baubiologie.de/downloads/building-biology-guidelines-english.pdf (Quick Guide)

LFM-X Mode Notes

The Mito Meter has up to 24 hours of battery life on LFM-X Mode, so will need to check the displayed 12 hour logging results before the meter battery goes flat.

The 90-degree mounting angle will not work if you are under or over distribution/transmission power lines. If this is the case, find the angle/axis on the meter in LFM Mode first with the highest reading and mount the meter in that axis/position for the twelve-hour logging session. This would very rarely be the case in most homes and businesses. 

PC, Android, or Mac EnvroSens software can be used for more in-depth analytics in monitoring the PowerGrid. 

EnvroSens Android software version has GPS mapping so you can overlay results on GoogleMaps. (Ideal for mapping streets.) 

When using the EnvroSens software the LFM Mode magnetic field sensitivity is extended down to 0.01 mG/milliGauss, (1 nT/nanoTesla) from 0.2 mG/milliGauss. (20 nT/nanoTesla) This is much lower and more accurate @50/60Hz than any other 3-in-1 EMF meter.

*LFM-X Mode = Low-Frequency Mode & X for extended mode.