Thank you for your purchase of the MitoHQ Meter.

All our 2022 meters have the latest custom mapped MRx 1.1.78(x) firmware installed, which is weighted and calibrated to ensure that what you measure at home is the same as all our meters. (Via the easy-to-read colour LED’s.)

Note other 3-in-1 EMF meters in this price category, including the most popular five-star rated meters sold on Amazon, vary drastically in their readings, between meters, which can lead to false-positive readings, or worse, no results at all in EMF hotspots.

At the Mito workshop, we are meticulous in ensuring that every meter and even each cable/adapter that leaves the workshop meets our strict criteria so you can have complete confidence in screening your environment with your newly purchased 3-in-1 EMF meter.

(Note: Our bench testing gear used to grade our meters are Aaronia v4/v5 spectrum analyzers and an E-Smog Spion 5G Meter.)


When charging the black edition MitoHQ Meter you cannot see the red charging light through the black case as stated in the instructions. (Read More Here:

When you switch the MitoHQ Meter power on the LED lights will display the battery level during the cycling on process. The left LED light sweep indicates the battery level. Also, two solid green lights will be displayed on RF Mode when battery is at 10% power capacity.

Charging the battery from flat takes about an hour to fully charge and ten to twenty minutes to top up if you need to go out and take a quick measurement.

Note, you cannot overcharge the batter. However, it’s not good for the batteries to stay on charge endlessly, for days and weeks on end, as this can cause the battery to swell.

E-mail our support team if you require a new battery.


Check out the EMF/RF Basic pages in the link below. You will find helpful information here that will assist you in screening/measuring environments.


Take care when using the supplied active USB cable, as damage can occur when forced, knocked, or pulled. Non-active ‘standard’ USB cables can still be used to charge the MitoHQ Meter. (Can be purchased at any electronics store.)

Standard USB cables will not work with the Envirosens PC/Mac/Android monitoring/GPS software.


The MitoHQ Meter is by far the most robust EMF meter on the market today, and why we have complete confidence in offering a 24-month replacement warranty with every meter purchased.

Keep the meter out of direct sunlight and away from heat and water. Place the meter in a plastic zip-lock bag if you are going to be around sand or water. Storing the meter in a dry place will prolong the meter’s life.

To take “far-field” EMF measurements, which ALL today’s 3-in-1 EMF meters are designed for, step back a meter or two and then take your measurement, as measuring too close to the source in the near field can also damage the meters sensors.


The PC/Android/Mac monitoring software can be found here.


Please contact our support team if you have any issues or questions. If need be, you can have David walk you through the process of screening your home or workplace via a phone or video call. (At no charge, as we like to see customers getting results.) 


Do not measure too close to the radiating source.
You see it all the time on YouTube, EMF meter users placing their meters hard up against smart meters, cell phones, induction cooktops, electric motors, etc. This is the incorrect way to take EMF measurements, as the meter this close still sits within the “near field” of the radiating source, which results in false values. (Reading higher than what is radiated.) Special near-field loop antennas are required to measure close to or next to a motor, device, or antenna.