Envirosens 2021 Android Software

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Mito Meter | 0 comments

Mito Meter Android users need to check this exciting software out. Not only will this app enable you to monitor or record your EMF environment, it will also map your results via Google Maps, real-time, using your Android device’s built-in GPS.

To set up the software on your phone/device, simply select ‘Download’ on the linked page below. This will take you to the Google Play store. Here you can download your free Envirosens Android software for your Mito Meter. Once you run the app using your supplied Mito active USB cable, its plug and play.

Whichever MODE you select on the Mito Meter is then automatically displayed on the Android device screen. Here you will be able to flick between six different screens to view the histogram graphs, power levels, adjustable peak hold durations times, and view the frequency counters for LFM and LFE Modes. When finished, and you have stop the recording, your ‘CSV’ data is automatically saved on your Android device. (Great for uploading graphs on excel)

The GPS ‘KLM’ file is also automatically saved after a session. If you selected ‘save location’ before pressing record, the ‘KLM’ file can be uploaded directly to Google Earth from your Android device. (See GPS instructions link below)

In using this Android tool, families will be able to easily monitor/assess schools, daycare centers, beaches, bike rides, parks, drives, and various locations with GPS mapping so they can find the best Mito hangouts and routes for 2021.