EMF/RF Basics

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Mito Meter Measurement & Mitigation Methods

The Mito Meter only has three basic modes to select from to simplify your screening process. (RF / LFM / LFE MODES*) EMF measurement methods get placed into high and low-frequency categories. Measuring radiating waves as small as a few centimetres and waves that are thousands of miles in length are each unique in how they are measured and how the measurement devices work.

Professional EMF meters & analyzers are either purpose-built low or high-frequency devices, and 3-IN-1 meters combine both into one high and low-frequency device. 3-IN-1 meters have only been around since 2017 and have simplified the EMF screening process for those not wanting to outlay thousands of dollars on semi-professional equipment.

The low-frequency electromagnetic fields get separated into magnetic and electric field measurements. The low-frequency waves are so long in scale that you can be affected by one type of field and not necessarily the other, as the waves propagate on a plane perpendicular to each other. 

When you switch between LFM Mode and LFE Mode, you will notice how much the two field types vary in comparison with each other as far as their field strength and coverage go.

Switch the Mito Meter to RF Mode. (Radio Frequency Mode) You are now measuring frequencies cycling millions of times faster and smaller than electricity. These RF or microwave radiating wavelengths are so small that the electromagnetic force gets measured as one field. For this reason, we only have one mode for measuring RF. 

Click Here to see what to measure, starting with Wi-Fi, 4G/5G and microwave radiation emitting devices.

*RF MODE / Radio Frequency Mode
LFM MODE / Magnetic Field Mode
LFE MODE / Electric Field Mode