EMF/RF Basics

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Mito Meter Measurement & Mitigation Methods – EMF/RF Basics

The Mito Meter only has three modes to select from to simplify your screening process. RF Mode, (Radio Frequency) Low Frequency Magnetic Mode, Low Frequency Electric Mode. (-RF-LFM-LFE-)

To break down how EMFs are measured, this flow chart will help you see how EMFs are categorized into high and low frequencies. Professional EMF meters & spectrum analyzers are segregated unto either low or high-frequency categories, and three in one meter combine the two frequency ranges into one device which is more cost-effective and convenient for checking environments on the fly.

The low-frequency electromagnetic fields are separated into magnetic and electric fields as the low-frequency waves are so large down this end of our electromagnetic spectrum that you can be affected by one field but not necessarily the other.

When you switch between LFM (magnetic field mode) and LFE (electric field mode) you will quickly notice how much the two field types vary in comparison with each other in terms of their individual field strengths.

Now switch to RF Mode, (Radio Frequency Mode) and the frequencies being measured are millions of times smaller and faster. These RF wavelengths are so small that the electromagnetic force measured from the source is measured as one field.

See what to measure here.