RF-X6 Mode – Counting the Seconds

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Measure the average peak, highest peak, and more importantly, your peak microwave duration time in your environment using the six-minute Mito measurement method to gain a better insight of your RF environment.

It’s crucial to screen for total peak microwave duration exposure, not just power levels, due to the importance of dosage. Taking three pills is vastly different from taking three hundred pills, just as three seconds of peak microwave radiation exposure differs significantly from three hundred over six minutes. Therefore, understanding your microwave peak dose/total peak accumulated exposure is equally important as understanding the strength/power levels.

Troughs & Peaks

When it comes to showing peak radiation exposure times, current broadband meters, including professional RF meters, fail to consider the gaps and troughs between peak pulses and bursts, leading to potentially misleading results. For instance, a standard RF broadband measurement taken over six minutes may present continuous peak power levels, while the actual peak radiation exposure might only total twenty to forty seconds during that period, as illustrated in the three-second 3D time domain snapshot above. (38+ seconds over 6 minutes, even though an RF meter will display continuous radiation).

How RF-X6 Works

RF-X6 works by taking five million samples over a six-minute period and provides a score based on the accumulated peak radiation time/dose and power levels/strength. Once the six-minute RF-X6 session is complete, the results are shown on the meter’s LED display, presenting the average peak, highest peak, and accumulated peak microwave radiation score. This provides you with a clearer understanding of your microwave environment. As an example, regardless of power levels, high dosage scores in the red in almost all cases indicate telecommunication cell towers/small cell signals.

Watch Your Six

EMF or health professionals can use the three score RF-X6 measurement method to remotely screen clients’ environments. This approach provides valuable insights into RF power levels and peak density, allowing professionals to determine the nature of RF environments. For example, clients can share RF-X6 results as follows: “Bedroom one had a 1-2-4 score, bedroom two had a 1-3-6 score, and bedroom three had a 1-0-0 score.” In this context, the first number denotes the average peak power level recorded over six minutes, which is displayed through the meter’s LED lights. The second number represents the highest peak power level, and the third shows the total peak accumulated radiation score. (No lights/0-0-0 is the optimal result.)

RF-X6 Instructions

Activate by moving the Mode switch from RF down to LFE and back twice. (>LFE>RF>LFE>RF) Two lights will start blinking. After six minutes the average and highest peak RF power levels will be displayed for ten seconds followed by the estimated peak duration score.

RF-X6 Notes

For advanced users, if you want extended sessions and individual power level duration exposure times, you can automatically retrieve the data via the free PC software. Download software Here.

RF-X6 Mode is only compatible with 2020 Mito Meters and on running 1.1.77x MRx Firmware and above.

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