Q: I can’t see the red LED charging light when I plug in the Mito Meter into my computer but the instructions say there should be a red light?

A: Although going to the black plastic casing for the new Mito Meter was a brilliant idea in terms of aesthetics, you will not be able to see the red charging light in the black edition meters. Note you were barely able to see the charging light on the white Mito Meter unless you were in a dark room. The new instructions will reflect the change.

When you turn the Mito Meter on you will see the LED lights cycle from left to right indicating a successful boot, followed by a right to left cycle indicating the meters battery level status.

Meanwhile, if you charge the Mito Meter for an hour from a flat battery status, it should give you a full charge that will run the Mito Meter for 8+ hours. The battery should last you for years and can be easily replaced. Note that you can’t overcharge the battery, so you can leave the Mito Meter on charge overnight.

Note that the Mito Meter does not need to be left on to charge the battery.

Please contact us here at support@mitometer.com if you require a replacement battery and if you have any questions, please ask below.