Building Biology EMF Guidelines

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What EMF levels are safe, and how many lights on my meter is bad? These are commonly asked questions. Some would say the short answer is there are no safe non-native EMF levels, and others say non-ionising EMF’s present no danger. One thing we can all agree on is that natural background EMF levels aren’t just health-supportive but vital for our survival.

So if our goal is to reap the rewards of tapping back into natural EMF’s, then as far as standards or limits go, Building Biology is posed for the win as their limits sit by far the closest to natures background noise floor. Unlike the more commonly used industry set EMF levels, backed by government authorities, the Building Biology guidelines are anchored around the long term biological effects of electromagnetic radiation.

RF Mode Building Biology Guideline Notes

The Mito Meter measures down to approximately -60dBm (0.0005mW/m2 / 0.5 uW/m2) which is not quite as sensitive as the professional RF meters used by Building Biology EMF technicians but sensitive and fast enough to screen RF environments.

It’s important to note that the widely used RF broadband meters generally are not accurate in their results when measuring multiple RF sources simultaneously. Not even top of the line professional RF meters are capable of making the correct calculations. Only real-time RF wideband spectrum analysers can give you accurate figures as they can individually identify and measure each RF source.

If you’re not chasing numbers for a court case or a certification, the RF broadband meter is always going to be the most straightforward and efficient way to assess an environment.

If you are the ultra-sensitive type, we recommend that you purchase a dedicated ultra-sensitive and ultra fast RF meter like the Safe & Sound Pro2 RF meter.

In a perfect world, you should be able to stand on the roof of your home and have no lights on RF Mode, which is almost impossible today, even in rural areas. Most Mito users will have around two lights on their roof in RF Mode.

LFM Building Biology Guideline Notes

LFM Mode measures down to 0.2 mG (milliGauss) / 20nT (nanoTesla) giving very accurate results on the meters LED display. You will find these values almost identical to professional meters in the 50Hz/60Hz range. (In terms of single-axis measurements when using the latest firmware.) If you are chasing a good nights sleep, sleeping in 0.2 mG / 20nT or less will greatly assist in a regenerative sleep.

The Mito Meter is also capable of measuring all the way down to 0.01 mG / 1nT when connected to a PC, Android, or Mac running the free Envirosens software. This is helpful when looking for ultra-low non-native EMF environments.

In Australia, the best environments we have found are properties that sit on non-fluctuating A/C fields around 0.05 mG / 5nT 24/7. Properties this low are manly rural in location but can still be found in pockets around cities.

LFE Building Biology Guideline Notes

As far as sleeping areas go, even if you have one green light on the Mito Meter in LFE Mode it places you in the serve concern Building Biology E-Field category.

Its is important to keep in mind that the Mito Meter in LFE Mode only measures down to approximately 2V/m. Ideally, we should measure down to at least 0.3 V/m (300mV/m) if we are serous about following the stringent German Building Biology guidelines. There are a few ways to get around the limited E-Field sensitivity of the Mito Meter. One is to buy a digital multimeter and to conduct a body voltage test. (A/C Body voltage to ground potential measurement, cost $30+) The second option, if budget permits, is to purchase a dedicated E-Field meter like the Gigihertz Solutions ME3851A. ($750) Thirdly, you could always hire a Building Biology EMF specialist to conduct an on-site survey for you.

As a rule of thumb, you could also work off the inverse square Law of the E-Field drop off and make sure you have no lights on your Mito Meter in LFE Mode within two meters or more from your bed.

Where do I start?

Try turning off ALL your wireless devices and bedroom power circuits at the switchboard, as in some cases, that’s all it takes to get over the line and to achieve a more regenerative sleep.

Note that it is not always possible to reach these low levels with some properties and that the elimination process may require an electrician and/or a RF shielding solution. If you live to close to a cell tower, radio transmitters, or powerlines, sometimes moving is the only option.

Please contact if you would like the contact details of a Building Biology EMF specialist in your area. If you have any questions in regards to screening environments with the Mito Meter, please feel free to ask below.

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