5G mmWave-less Sony Phone

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Technology | 1 comment

Sony is releasing a 5G mmWave-less phone which I expect other manufactures to follow once the US expands it 5G microwave networks. 5G mmWaves were always going to be a flop from the word go in terms of delivering realistic connectivity and outdoor coverage.

Not sure how these 5G phones will fit in with the anti-5G crowd because it’s basically identical to their 4G phones in terms of frequencies, power and bandwidth.

The Sony Xperia ii 5G mmWave-less phone will be just as fast^ as the mmWave phones and my bet is Apple and most brands will go down this road; it’s only logical. This is a smart move from Sony leaving the 5G mmWave fakery and nonsense behind, and getting on with business.

I haven’t had a cell phone for six years but have to say Sony’s HDR cinema-style 21 by 9 4K OLED screen along with its top-notch inbuilt camera lens, including the all-important headphone socket would make it the obvious choice for the audio-video enthusiasts like myself. The problem is, once you have been phoneless for six years your not exactly eager in going back to being a dog stuck on the end of a digital lead.

The sub-6 (low and mid-band) frequencies, which is the RF/Radio Frequencies below 6GHz, will always be king and the most problematic in terms of RF mitigation. (The Mito Meter detects all these main bands.)

^Sub 6 (mid-band) frequencies will be just as fast as the mmWave phones because finding a problematic free mmWave connection on a mmWave mobile phone will be near impossible for most users.